There's a difference between the information in the application and the information on a product's packaging. How is this possible?

Benoit Updated by Benoit

If the application has information that's different than the information on the packaging, there are several possible reasons:

  • The product's ingredients have been changed by the manufacturer and Yuka has not yet incorporated this new information.
  • Incorrect information was mistakenly added in the application.

In this case, there are several solutions:

  • You can correct this information yourself in the application. Click here to see how to do this.
  • You can flag this error in the application's product sheet. It will then be corrected within 24 hours.
  • It's a product that needs to be reconstituted with water or milk (such as potato flakes, dehydrated soup mix, etc.). In this case, the products generally display values per 100g of raw product. However, this type of product must be rated on the basis of 100g or 100ml of reconstituted product (as it is actually consumed). The values displayed in the application therefore correspond to the values of the reconstituted product.

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