Who's behind Yuka?

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Today, Yuka's a team of 9 people who are committed to creating a meaningful project:

First, there are the three founders: Julie, François and Benoît. Julie is in charge of communication and content creation. The two brothers take care of the technical part: they're the ones who developed the application. François is in charge of the iOS, and Benoît is responsible for the Android application.

There are two other developers on the team: Pierre-Emmanuel, who's in charge of Android development alongside Benoît; and Sylvain, who's in charge of the backend (the database that lists the thousands of products).

Caroline and Florence are there to care for users, take in all their suggestions, and manage the database. Charlotte deals with social networks and communication alongside Julie. Ophelia's there to answer questions from brands and the press.

Yuka also works with Anthony Berthou, a nutritionist who supports us with the Nutrition Program and blog articles. Teaching health and sports professionals at university, he's the one who reads and validates all proposed articles.

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