How do I scan?

Ophélia Bierschwale Updated by Ophélia Bierschwale

For the scan to work, you must first make sure:

  • That you've authorized access to the camera. If not, you'll need to change this in your phone's settings.
  • That you have an internet connection, which is not necessarily the case in all supermarkets.
  • That you've authorized the application to use cellular data. This can be configured in your phone's settings.

Then click on the "Scan" icon in the application and pass the phone's screen in front of a product's bar code to scan it.

You can also click here on your cell phone to go directly to "Scan" mode.

The first thing you'll see is the product evaluation via a color code which ranges from green to red and after that, a more detailed analysis by going to the product sheet.

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