Is Yuka an independent application ? 🙌🏼

Yes, the Yuka application is entirely independent. This means that our product evaluations and recommendations are entirely objective: no brand or manufacturer can influence them in any way. What’s m…

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How is the application financed ? ⭐️

The Yuka project is financed thanks to the paid version of the application. Users who choose to do so can become members and register for our Premium offer, which provides several additional features…

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How are product recommendations selected ?

When a product is rated "poor" or "bad", Yuka identifies, via an algorithm, similar products that are better for your health. The recommendations are selected in a totally neutral and objective way:…

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Can I use the Yuka logo and/or brand ?

⚠️ In order to remain independent, Yuka does not allow brands, manufacturers or distributors to use the Yuka logo or brand in any type of communication. The logo can, however, be used by media profes…

Updated 3 weeks ago by Ophélia

Does Yuka do partnerships or sponsorships ?

No. Yuka does not make partnerships, whatever the type of business or structure. Yuka also does not sponsor events.

Updated 3 weeks ago by Julie